Interesting Times for Africa! Off the Cuff Gist in Monaco.

How it would play out is a mystery in the making and yet unfolding. I believe few have a-know but can’t phantom the manner with which it would unravel. Here in Monaco, Grand Pre held this May 2014, I was relaxed with few European friends and had discussed the idea of bringing Formula 1 (F1) to Nigeria. And I said to them, that about two years ago we contemplated with one of the Racing teams, Lotus F1 to work with some F1 enthusiasts in Nigeria to consummate a strategy that would bring F1 to Nigeria.

A couple of trips were made to Lagos and Abuja to strategise; an initiative which could have shaped the way the world view Nigeria dramatically. But lack of follow-up and change of plans affected the template and that was the end. All the same, Nigeria should see this as a game changer and should look at beefing up its infrastructure to encourage FIA in granting such right- with Lagos or Abuja being the host city in Nigeria.