ARNAUD LIGUER-LAUBHOUET, Snr. Vice President/Director, Edmond De Rothschild, Geneva

It is not an easy run talking about Africa’s new role on the world stage when it comes to socio-economic and political discourse. Reason being that there are so many issues encapsulated in that continent that you’ve got to have “magical” powers to unearth, from leadership to corruption and to responsibility. But anyhow, its got to be discussed.

Africa is such an important place in geo-political discourse, it can’t be ignored! Of recent, there is a new twist to the African debate And that’s the economic drive! A continent with a consistent growth rate of between 4.8-7% within the past decade is vital to the global economy. Take politics out of the context then you hit a brick wall.

Out of Geneva, Switzerland are several distinguished Africans who are shaping the destiny of the continent through visionary approach in leapfrogging Africa into one of the most attractive wealth management destinations. I’ve had the opportunity of meeting and discussing Africa with quite a few of us (Africans) in Switzerland. From the diplomatic community down through the corporate enclave, Africa is the issue!

My friend Arnaud Liguer-Laubhouet is one of those Africans I have come to respect. He’s someone with a large heart for Africa.

“Africa is our continent and it is our duty to support productive economic development of the place..it is our land” says Arnaud. He went further to advise on the ideals of the African Wealth Report and I quote “we must work together to bring change in Africa. Africa is well endowed and we don’t have any reason to fail and not make Africa happen! Our duty is to Africa, and as a Private Banker with over 24 years of experience and working with Edmond de Rothschild Private Bank, my goal is to increase the wealth of the African people”.